Common Dental Emergencies and How We Can Help

Do you have a dental emergency? Here at Dental Associates of Shelton in Shelton, CT, your dentists, Dr. Michael Caserta and Dr. Adrian Basu, offer a full range of dental services, including emergency care. Here are some common dental emergencies and how we can help.

Cracked Tooth

A fractured or cracked tooth is a dental emergency, and it warrants a call to your dental care provider right away. If the pulp of your tooth is damaged, you may need root canal treatment, but if it remains intact, you might only need a dental crown. Failing to address the issue can lead to infection, and eventually, a need for extraction.

Loose Tooth

If you have a loose tooth, you should call your dental care provider right away. At our office, we may splint the tooth to the adjacent teeth to keep it stabilized. Once the tooth is splinted, it will be much more stable, and eating can become comfortable again.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out, rinse it off with water to ensure that it's clean. If you can, gently place your tooth back in the socket. If you can't put the tooth back in place, put it in a container with milk. Keep the tooth moist at all times, and visit our office as soon as you can.

Tissue Injury

Any type of tissue injury inside the mouth, such as lacerations and cuts to the tongue, mouth, or lips, is considered an emergency. If you experience any type of tissue injury, you should clean the area immediately with warm water. Call your dental provider right away.

Concermed? Give Us a Call

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call Dental Associates of Shelton at (203) 924-4115 now for treatment at our Shelton office. We will make sure that you receive quality care and are seen as soon as possible.