Don't Neglect Your Regular Dental Visits

Your smile is a real treasure. It enables you to eat, speak, express emotion and shows your uniqueness to the world. In other words, your smile is many ways. To keep it healthy and bright for your entire lifetime, see your family dentist in Shelton, CT, regularly. Dr. Adrian Basu and Dr. Michael Caserta at Dental Associates of Shelton work to protect teeth and gums for your best well-being.

What do you need?

To maintain good oral health, children to adults in their elder years require routine in-office care. While your brushing, flossing and dietary habits at home are foundational to your great smile, you also need the input and services of your family dentist.

At Dental Associates of Shelton, Dr. Basu and Dr. Caserta ask you to come in twice a year for a cleaning and check-up. These preventive services are so important as they detect problems before they spiral out of control, and they keep gum disease, decay, tooth loss and their related systemic health problems at bay.

According to research from the American Dental Association (ADA), 85 percent of adults in the United States absolutely agree that prevention avoids smile-related health issues. However, only a small 15 percent believe they possess good oral health. What's the answer to this dilemma? Join with your dentist in achieving your best smile.

What happens at a regular dental visit?

Frankly, our services are anything but routine. Our family dentists individualize treatment plans according to patient need and preference. They'll follow you throughout each stage and circumstance of your life and adjust your care accordingly.

When you come to Dental Associates at Shelton, here's what to expect:

1. A warm welcome which respects your time and needs

2. A refreshing, professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar

3. Digital X-rays as needed

4. Updating of your medical history

5. A comprehensive oral examination to check for decay, gum disease, bite problems, excessive enamel wear, condition of fillings and crowns and signs of oral cancer.

6. A care plan to address your preventive and restorative needs and some cosmetic improvement ideas as well.

Dr. Basu or Dr. Caserta may include fluoride treatments to reduce tooth sensitivity and harden enamel and/or plastic sealants to protect the pits and fissures on chewing surfaces. These are easy and very effective preventive treatments.

Come see us

We serve patients of all ages. In fact, we love seeing whole families for their routine dental visits. Phone for a check-up with Dr. Adrian Basu or Dr. Michael Caserta at Dental Associates of Shelton: (203) 924-4115.