What Exactly Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

At Dental Associates of Shelton, Dr. Michael Caserta and Dr. Adrian Basu, are fully equipped to deal with pressing dental situations. Bleeding, cracked or knocked-out teeth, pain--our emergency dentists deal with them all in their Shelton, CT, office.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency requires quick action on your part and as soon as possible treatment by your emergency dentist in Shelton. Your pressing situation may involve intense pain, infection, hard or soft tissue loss, fracture, laceration, or burn impaired function, or changed personal appearance. Additionally, a true dental emergency may put your overall health and life in danger.

Your team at Dental Associates of Shelton urges you to contact the office for first aid recommendations and a same-day in-office consultation as needed. Take life-threatening situations, such as a jaw fracture or uncontrolled bleeding, to the hospital emergency room right away.

Examples of emergencies and what to do

Avulsed tooth Dear Doctor says you should wash off the tooth with water and replant it--the sooner the better. Quick restoration of a knocked-out tooth greatly increases its chances of long-term survival. Alternatively, you may carry the tooth in water or milk to the office.

Lacerated soft tissue Apply direct pressure with 4x4s or a clean cloth. If bleeding does not stop with 15 minutes, go to the closest ER or urgent care center.

Lost crown or filling or cracked tooth Bring the fragments to your emergency dentist in Shelton. He may use composite resin to repair chips or cracks. Fillings or crowns could need total replacement.

Toothache Dental pain develops for a variety of reasons, including fracture, abscess, deep decay, exposed roots, and more. Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain, and apply a cold compress to a swollen jaw. A warm compress soothes soft-tissue soreness. Rinse your mouth with saltwater if you taste drainage.

Be careful about your oral health

If you or a loved one play sports, avoid injury with an athletic mouthguard. This acrylic device will cushion your mouth in case of a blow or fall.

If you open packages with your teeth or bite your fingernails, please stop. Also, keep your six-month dental appointments. Your dentist may uncover problems while they are still developing and easier to address.

We'll always help

Please contact your emergency dentist immediately at the first sign of a serious dental problem. You'll be treated accurately and compassionately. At Dental Associates of Shelton, you and your smile are our highest priorities. Phone Dr. Caserta or Dr. Basu at (203) 924-4115.