Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges
By Dental Associates of Shelton
February 05, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

It’s time to find out how these two dental restorations can restore your smile.

Crowns and bridges are two of the most common types of dental restorations because they have the ability to handle a variety of dental issues, most notably to replace a missing or damaged tooth. Learn more about crowns and bridges by reading below, and contact the Shelton CT, office of general dentists Dr. Michael Caserta and Dr. Adrian Basu if you are interested in undergoing treatment.


What are bridges and crowns?

These dental prosthetics are fixed in place and may require existing teeth in order to support them. While a dental bridge is only used to replace a missing tooth, our Shelton, CT, dentist may recommend getting a dental crown for several reasons, inlcuding:

  • You have a tooth that is cracked, fractured or broken
  • You have a weak tooth due to traumatic injury or an infection
  • Your tooth is damaged by severe decay and a dental filling won’t fully support the tooth
  • You require root canal treatment
  • You want to improve the appearance of a discolored or severely misshapen tooth
  • You need to cover a dental implant
  • You need to secure a dental bridge in place

As you can see, a dental crown offers many benefits for its wearer. From protecting a natural tooth and preventing the need for extraction, to supporting a dental bridge and covering a dental implant, crowns often both restorative and cosmetic benefits.


What should I expect if I’m getting a crown or bridge?

It can take 2-3 visits in order to get your crown or bridge. Both restorations are custom-made based on molds of your teeth. A tooth will need to be prepped for the crown, which requires us to shave down a very extensive amount of the tooth so the dental cap can cover it.

If you are getting a dental bridge, the crowns are placed over the two teeth surrounding the gap. The false tooth, which will fill the gap in your smile, will be cemented in place.


Give us a call!

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